SEO "Search Engine Optimization"

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, basically getting your site recognized by the search engines, primarily Google. To get your site up in the rankings this is a must. VMAL splits up its service into Internal SEO; namely: creating your site so that it is optimized with meta tags and keywords and External SEO getting your name out using traditional methods such as linking and listings and Social networks. Why do you need to do it, why can I not just wait and eventually I will be picked up by Google? The answer to that is partly to do with Google, they change their criteria constantly so that it is not easy and they want to make money on "pay per click" (otherwise known as sponsored links) advertising. The other reason is that your competitors are doing it so without it you will remain way out site of any potential customer. Clicking or getting your friends to click on your website (If they are from different IP addresses) might help to get you slowly up the rankings but even if you have thousands of friends it won't count for much. SEO is an entire science in its own and it is not without its unscrupulous punters who jump on the band wagon calling themselves SEO experts and not delivering results or using "black hat" methods to " get you to the top of the searches in a week" but then getting you black listed from Google in the process.

How SEO will increase your visitor, & therefore; your positional customers:

We know how to achieve top search engine rankings for your website.
Search engines such as Google do not publish the exact means to achieve high natural (organic) rankings. We have learnt through many years of experience and experimentation. We are constantly revising our formula to allow continued deployment of these secret techniques for our website and our also our clients' sites.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Key phrase analysis: assessment and advice on your draft phrases.
  • Optimization of the site content; e.g. placement of your phrases into your site text.
  • Optimization of the HTML code; we will ensure the behind the scenes code (e.g. Meta tags etc) work with your text to encourage good listings.
  • Link building; we obtain links from relevant sites, as well as blog posting, article submission and bookmark submissions.
  • Submission to all the major world search engines.
  • Reporting on key phrase rankings in the engines and additional optimization and re-submission when required.